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5 myths about agency work… busted!

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Ever thought that agency work isn’t for you? Think again. You might be surprised by the range of jobs they have on offer. Here are 5 common myths about recruitment agencies:

MYTH: It’s better to apply for jobs direct.
REALITY: Recruitment agencies often advertise the same jobs as direct employers, on the same contract and the same wages. Starting with an agency, or by using online search platforms like the Find a job website can often be a stepping stone into a permanent job.

MYTH: Temporary staff are treated differently to permanent staff.
REALITY: Recruitment agencies work hard to make sure that temporary workers are treated the same as permanent staff.

MYTH: Agency workers don’t have the same rights as permanent staff.
REALITY: Agency workers have many of the same rights as permanent staff including the right to 28 days’ paid holiday a year (including bank holidays).

MYTH: They won’t consider me because I’ve got no experience.
REALITY: Experience is not always necessary as many agencies offer training. They look for people who are willing to learn and apply themselves.

MYTH: Agency work is always short term with no guarantee of hours.
REALITY: Yes, agency work can be flexible but they are often able to transfer people to permanent contracts and fixed work patterns.

If you can, choose an agency that is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). They’re covered by a code of practice that ensures high standards. For more information visit the REC website.