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Got creative skills? Discover which companies are recruiting

Girl drawing on a digital device at a desk

Creative skills are highly transferable and there are many industries outside the creative sectors which would benefit from the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

If you are a jobseeker with a creative background, there are lots of sectors looking for the skills you have.

How can you bridge the gap between your background and a new role?

The Creative Industries Federation (CIF) helps people of all ages to get work in creative businesses.  The Talent Exchange website (opens in a new tab) is a new platform supported by CIF and McKinsey & Company, and powered by, which enables creative industry professionals to lend their skills to other sectors, maintain their capabilities and earn a livelihood.  It uses algorithms to match a jobseeker’s skills and experiences with relevant jobs in companies that are hiring. For more information visit the website

Jobseekers looking to reskill, upskill, or change careers in the short-term can join the platform now on the Creative Industries website (opens in a new tab) to build new skills and capabilities via the Udemy website (opens in a new tab), one of the largest marketplace’s for online learning, at no cost. You can build skills on Udemy including:

  • business management, finance and data analytics
  • design
  • web, software and game development
  • personal brand building, career development and leadership
  • marketing
  • teaching

Once signed up, the platform Career Planner can show you up to 10 future career paths based on your preferred roles or those that match your work experience.

You can also select a role to learn more about reaching this position in the future, take courses that will help you bridge any skill gaps or review job openings on the Talent Exchange that align. Email alerts for jobs can also be set up so you see them as they are added.

Hear from Ola, a Jobcentre Plus Work Coach, about how your skills could be used for another job or industry. He will help you think about your personal qualities and what makes you employable in a range of roles.