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Green jobs – what they are and where to find them

What do we mean by green jobs?

Green jobs are roles that contribute to preserving or restoring the environment and our planet. You could be working in a traditional sector such as manufacturing or construction, or in a new, emerging green industry such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As the UK economy becomes greener, some industries need help adapting their products and processes to reduce their emissions. Others are working on green technology, (for e.g. electric vehicles, LED lighting) and some are discovering completely new green activities to tackle climate change.

All of this is creating exciting new job opportunities.

What types of roles are available?

From countryside ranger apprentice, apprentice smart energy expert, solar panel installer, recycling operative and wind turbine technician to electric vehicle engineer, data analyst and farm manager, the jobs are varied. The green job you take will depend on your interests, skills, experience and qualifications.

Useful skills and qualifications to support entering or transferring into a green job include:

  • GCSEs including Maths and English
  • an accredited qualification at Level 3 or above
  • a full driver’s license
  • teamwork
  • problem solving
  • adaptability
  • communication
  • customer service
  • understanding of health and safety
  • understanding of nature conservation

Which sectors could you be working in?

Green jobs are available across a number of sectors, including:

  • Construction
  • Energy and Mining
  • Fashion Technologies
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewables and the environment
  • Transportation

Benefits of working in a green job

  • It’s an accessible industry – some green jobs have entry-level roles available
  • You’ll have the chance to gain new skills and/or qualifications
  • Future-proof your career – green skills are transferable across sectors
  • You’ll help promote sustainable development and play a part in decarbonising the world economy
  • Green jobs protect and restore the environment for the benefit of all

Are you considering a green job?

With a range of roles and opportunities available, a green job is an exciting and diverse career. Whether you are starting out in your career, looking to progress or thinking of changing sectors, there are many places to find your next job opportunity.

You don’t have to be a bio-scientist or ecologist to get a green job. The sector also needs people with building, marketing, sales, project management, management skills and more.

Applying for green jobs

Take a look at our finding work page to view the different sectors or visit the websites below to discover new opportunities.