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Have you considered working in logistics?

Man taking stock on an ipad in a warehouse

If you’re on the look-out for a new job opportunity, the logistics industry could offer more than you realise. Logistics is a really broad industry, from supply chain to vehicle manufacturing, and transport planning to traffic management, so it offers a huge range of opportunities.

Here’s some popular myths about the logistics industry, busted!

Myth: Wages aren’t good

Some jobs do start at entry level wages but there is usually potential for earnings to rise significantly. Experienced large goods vehicle drivers can earn up to £35,000. For more information visit the National Careers Service website.

Myth: Logistics jobs are all unskilled

You don’t always need academic qualifications to get started in every role, but there are great opportunities to join with degrees or other studies under your belt. And there are opportunities to learn and build your career too – the increasing complexity of the logistics environment means that many managers undertake Diplomas, NVQs or Masters qualifications in order to enhance their skills and their prospects for career progression. There are many recognised qualifications in logistics for those keen to develop their career.

Myth: logistics is boring

The word boredom is not in the vocabularies of most people with a career in logistics. The sheer variety of work always keeps the job interesting. In addition, many companies specialising in logistics deal with a wide variety of materials and goods and international supply chain.

Myth: It’s a dead-end industry

The Logistics sector is still one of the fastest growing industries – the pandemic has shown how much we rely on it.  And employers invest in their staff too, with 62% of employers providing training.

Myth: Only men do that

You’re right, most of the workforce are men. But the balance is changing fast, and there are around 400,000 women in logistics, spread right across the industry.

Myth: Hours are long

Some, but not all, roles require shift work including evenings, nights and weekends. But there are a wide range of working hours and patterns across the industry with over 300,000 staff working part-time.

Myth: It’s a dirty industry

Some jobs are dirty but the majority are not. In driving, uniformed drivers are commonplace now – remember image is everything in modern business.

Myth: You can’t work in logistics with a conviction

Criminal records, court orders or CCJ’s are not necessarily a bar to employment – this depends on the conviction and the employer.

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