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Step 2 – Create a CV

Use a CV builder to create your own CV

All employers will want to know about your skills and experience. To get this information, many of them will ask you to complete an application form or send them a CV. 

Your CV should show your employment history, your skills and your strengths. You can include your educational history too, such as where you went to school or college and what qualifications you have.  

Although some employers use application forms rather than CVs, having an up-to-date CV will be useful when filling in an application form. The same sort of information is needed in both.

Find out more on our CVs and cover letters page, and you can use online resources to help build your CV (external website).

If you are on Universal Credit your work coach can send you links through your Universal Credit account that will help. They will also talk to you about your CV. They will be able to help make sure that it appeals to employers and is suitable for any current job vacancies. 

Once your CV is ready, move on to Step 3.