Neidio i’r cynnwys

Advice for students looking for a Christmas job

Young female barista smiling at work

December has arrived, the decorations are up, the celebrations have begun, colleges and universities are finishing and students are returning home for the Christmas break. 

Getting a seasonal job over your Christmas break is an excellent way to bring in  some extra cash and at the same time get yourself some great work experience to add to your CV.   

Here are some things to think about when looking for a Christmas job  

Consider Hospitality and Retail

Two of the best sectors for jobs at this time of the year are hospitality and retail. The Christmas trade is in full swing, and businesses have an urgent need for more staff, creating hundreds of opportunities for temporary work in a wide variety of roles.

Typical types of jobs include bartenders, baristas, kitchen and next staff, supermarket assistants and sales advisers in a range of different stores.

Be prepared to pick up new skills

Whatever the job, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn interesting new things You don’t always have to have experience and many employers will be willing to train you. Who wouldn’t enjoy operating a fancy coffee machine or making a glamourous cocktail? Customer service is at the heart of many seasonal roles on offer and that’s a skill that will stand you in good stead for many roles in your future career.    

Be willing to work hard

Remember the Christmas period, is by far the most demanding time of the year for many businesses. That’s why there are so many jobs on offer, and why you’ll need to work extra hard. 

Be available at short notice

Once you’ve had an interview and secured the job, many employers will want you to start immediately. It’s the nature of the work, and it will definitely be to your advantage if you can do this. 

Be flexible

The more adaptable you can be, the greater your opportunities. Filling in for colleagues at a busy time will be a big help to the business, and will also give you examples of team working to put on your CV.            

Be ready to enjoy the opportunity a seasonal job can offer, there are great rewards all round.