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The hospitality sector is broad and varied. You could be working in settings such as restaurants, bars, hotels, entertainment venues and nightclubs. There are a huge number of vacancies within the hospitality sector available in all regions of the UK right now. The sector is working closely with DWP to ensure Jobcentre Plus Work Coaches near you know about the companies who are hiring.

Types of Opportunities

If you are long term unemployed, or your personal circumstances make it harder for you to find a job, hospitality employers will often consider putting you forward for placements, work experience or work trials.  If you are ready to find out what adventures could await you in the hospitality sector, the opportunities are waiting for you right now!

There are numerous skilled professions within the sector, and several are included on the government’s Skilled Worker routeway list. These include:

  • Publicans and managers of licensed premises
  • Leisure and sports managers
  • Conference and exhibition managers and organisers
  • Chefs
  • Catering and bar managers
  • Restaurant and catering establishment managers and proprietors

Benefits of working in hospitality

Did you know the average salary in the hospitality sector starts between £16,000 to £21,000 and these figures are rising. Plenty of progression opportunities exist and there are numerous examples of individuals starting at the bottom and progressing to boardroom level within the sector. Management positions can offer salaries over £28,000 per year.

A job in hospitality can give you a great platform for a career in other sectors too, as staff learn strong budgeting skills, team building and customer service as well as building confidence and good communication skills that will be necessary for any future role.

The hospitality sector has a solid training offer, and many employers link to apprenticeship and management training schemes. There are also plenty of opportunities to progress, in fact, the majority of senior managers within hospitality come from entry level roles. For further information, please visit the CareerScope website – a specific hub for people seeking jobs in the sector.

It’s a great social environment. There are jobs in hospitality that offer the flexibility to work early, finish late or work weekends, as well as more structured working patterns. And don’t forget similar numbers of men and women work in the sector. There are many outlets and jobs on your doorstep, with little or no commuting required. Some employers even offer accommodation. There really is a job for everyone!

Waiter carrying tray of drinks

Desirable skills

You don’t need any previous experience, or formal qualifications, to work in the hospitality sector. The main things that employers look for in candidates are a positive attitude, a polite and friendly approach, and a passion for great customer service.

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